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Working Designs... officially dead. =(

That's right. Sadly, it's the end of a f*cking era. Working designs did their best to provide us with the best Japanese RPG's on the market. Not only did they bring us those RPG's, but they did it with the care that not most companies do. Working Designs always gave us awesome bonus' with their games. From soundtracks to the nice little Omake Box that came with Lunar 2 packed with goodies. If it wasn't for Working Designs, I never would have played some of the games that had a huge impact on my life. The Lunar series to this day is my favorite RPG series of all time. But, let's not forget classics like Popful Mail and Vay. Amazing games. I really don't know what else to say. I am still in shock. So I guess I'll just leave it at this. There will never be another WD. There will never be another company that will deliver the things that WD delivered. No company will ever be able to capture that magic. Working Desgins.... your games truly did go to 11.

Vic does say some great things in his post. Read on.

Official Announcement by Vic Ireland

Let me know what you think. I wanna say I am sad, but I am happy I was given the chance to watch WD grow since the beginning. Ah screw it... I'm sad! =.(
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