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WD Fansite
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This community is for fans of Working Designs RPGS and games. Games such as Lunar, Popful mail, albert odyessy, arc the lad, vay, shining wisdom, dragon force, langrisser, sillouhette mirage, iron storm, magic knights rayearth, elemental gearbolt, vangaurd bandits, alundra, and any others you can think of!

This is for discussing and obsessing over Working Designs rpgs, although other game discussion is allowed it would probably be better suited to communities such as gamers

There are very few rules here. Just remember no flaming and if someone flames do not flame back. I check daily and flames will be deleted and users banned from the community.

Talk, obsess, share secrets, all that good stuff. ^_^ And most of all have fun and spread the word and help our itty bitty community to grow!!

This community was founded on june 14th 2003 and is ran by rpg_goddess, just another crazy wd fan ^__^ and gamer in general, stop by her journal and say hi, she won't bite, i promise ^_~

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Do you have a wd related community on Lj? Would you like to recieve more visitors? Then just note me and i'd be happy to link exchange with you ^_^