John Z. (thefurryone) wrote in workingdesigns,
John Z.

Want Both Lunar Games?

Hi folks! I hate to make my first post into such a wonderful community be an eBay spamvertisement, but I think that it might be of some small amount of interest to folks. Please forgive me if it's not allowed and I'll delete if desired.

However, I'm in serious trouble here! I'd never even think of parting with my copies of SSSC and Eternal Blue Complete, but unfortunately being unemployed means you have to make some sacrifices. (Side note: Life would be so much easier if I could go out and kill small monsters for silver pieces... but certainly not cats, flying or otherwise.) So, as you may have guessed, I'm selling both of my games in one big package. I know I could probably get more by selling them separately, but then again it saves on shipping this way-- and I can toss in the pre-order bug-laden demo disc, too. So:

Please have a look! While it says that I'll only add the demo disc if the bids go over $75, I'll add it to any winner who makes a comment to this entry.

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