Sean "Zel" Lozier (rurounizel) wrote in workingdesigns,
Sean "Zel" Lozier

New Working Designs Message Board

Hey WD LJ Community (assuming anyone's still here ^^)

Since the sad day of WD closing it's doors, I (Nobiyuki77) and Gorget The Frog have taken it upon ourselves to create a new Working Designs Message Board. The board is welcome to all former WDMB members as well as newcomers who are fans of WD's previous work, or just RPG fans in general. The URL can be found here.

Hope to see you there. ^^
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And even a few existing WDMB members here, too.

I just never thought about posting the link. >.
A few months ago, the site just died without a word. Any chance it will come back?
I got hacked. I didn't feel like trying to put it back together. No one really posted there anymore. No new members signed up except endless spam accounts.

I didn't feel like spending more money for that. :(
I still miss going there. Seems a good number of sites I used to frequent closed down/stopped updating/whatever all in the same time period. *shrug*

Since the Mother 3 patch finished, no reason to keep checking the translation blog anymore. =/ (Game was fantastic btw.)

I was able to get a post in on the message board after it was hacked - seems it was just the front page, and I had a bookmark somewhere from inside the forum, which was still there and working it seems. Although there was still the matter of those hidden ads. *shrug*

I understand though, the place was pretty much dead anyway, only a few of us posted. Was just a few of us holding on to the last bit of Working Designs we had. Wow, it's been 3 years already.

Just found this looking for the farewell post (since it seems Vic either wasn't able to keep the site online, or just didn't care in the end), and I remember reading it before, but it still brought back some memories.

*sigh* And even in the end, it seems nothing came of Vic's plans. All we're left with now is a logo on a gray background.

And now it seems he just disappeared.

Meh, I'm just rambling and ranting now.